The story

What we didn’t have was a “bodega”, money and a plan. But as they say: if you don’t know how to get to your destination, but you can see what your next move could be, just do that. So, we did that.

We planned and decided to invest 1,500€ each to buy grapes and rent the facilities to be able to actually make the wine.

Luckily, we all agreed on the basics of the project and thus our slogan was born: “respect, passion, creation”.

These 3 words encapsulates what the project is about.

The word “respect” is about respecting the “terroir”, the environment and the wine. For us, this materialises in the way we approach wine making from start to finish. We always do ecological wine with minimum intervention. We do not use additives to e.g. add acidity to the wine. We basically press the grapes and then add some sulphites towards the end. We believe that this gives the most honest taste of the terroir, and this is what we wish to respect.

The word “passion” is how we describe what we feel for wine. We like to drink, taste, share, investigate, experiment and innovate. This is also how the idea to make a wine of a Mallorquin grape type that was just retrieved from some of the oldest wine fields of Mallorca was made a reality (Negrella). And how the idea of our white wine with high natural acidity came to life (Rødder). Just like our rose is also an expression of trying something different as this wine is made from the same grapes as the white but in different proportions (Moneot).

Lastly but not least, the word “creation” refers to the simple act of making wine. This is what we love to do and without actually creating the wine, all the ideas of what we could be doing, would just be wasted. For us, thinking and talking about how Mallorquin wine should or could taste is not enough. We need to create it.

respect ꟾ passion ꟾ creation